Bridco  now have quality stainless steel wire rope for use in balustrade, rigging, architecture and landscaping available in a range of grades and strand varieties.

Available in both grade 316 and grade 304, wire rope from Bridco comes in diameters ranging  from 1/16” to 1/2”. 1 x 19, 7 x 7 and 7 x 19 strands are also available.

The 1 x 19 is the least flexible wire rope in the Bridco range. It is most commonly used for balustrade, as it will not bend around corners or angles.

The 7 x 7 is a semi flexible wire rope commonly used for balustrade where a slight angle is required. This wire rope can be wrapped around a thimble in smaller sizes.

The 7 x 19 is the most flexible of Bridco's wire rope and is commonly applied where a thimble and swage is used. It is most suitable for running through blocks.

Bridco also have a wide range of stainless steel fittings for use with wire rope including:

  • turnbuckles
  • wire rope grips
  • wire rope thimbles
  • swivels
  • eye terminals
  • toggle terminals
  • fork terminals
  • bottle screws
  • blocks (available with stainless steel sheaves or nylon sheaves); and
  • sheaves.