There is a wide range of hardware equipment provided by Bridco . There are shackles, hooks, bottle screws, terminals, saddles, eye nuts, screw eyes, eye bolts, rings, triangles, U-bolts and much more.

Shackles are available in a wide range including bow, headboard and dee shackles. There is wide collection of hooks that includes karabiners, snaps, chains, snap shackles and springs. Bottle screws and turnbuckles are also available in different sizes.

A range of terminals, Padeye's, saddles, deck plates, eye bolts, eye nuts, screw eyes, rings, dees, triangles, u-bolts and wire rope grips are also available. Pulleys and blocks of different types and weights are available from Bridco. Swage ferrules or presses are available in hand and hydraulic varieties. The wire rope fittings, available from Bridco, can be used in shelving, displays and for balustrades.

Swage presses are widely used by the wire rope industry. Swage presses and roll swaging machines are manufactured by Talurit and Wireteknik. The range of winch options starts from the simple trailer style to the line industrial equipment. There are hand winches made of stainless steel, aluminum and zinc plated steel also available from Bridco. Heavy duty capstan, hauling and lifting winches are the other range of winches at Bridco. Stainless steel modular railing systems in pre-cut, pre-drilled form are also available from Bridco