A series of breaking waves was the inspiration for a curved steel roofline of a weekender cottage at Peregian Beach on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast that recently won the Building Designers Association of Queensland’s south west regional award as the best individually designed home in the 201sq m to 300sq m category.

Designed by David Leh, the home’s curved roof helps create additional indoor space while still meeting strict building height guidelines. Sandy-coloured stepped walls and the curved roofline made from Colorbond steel from BHP Steel in Mountain Blue mimic the nearby beach and surf.

Specifying a raised floor allowed the home to take advantage of ocean views but also created a challenge for Lehn to remain within the 8.5m height restriction which he solved with the use of multiple levels and the curved roof to lower overall height and achieve the client’s objective for views and the need to provide the required number of bedrooms and living areas.

The use of eaves or hoods made from Colorbond steel over window openings contributes to the comfort of the occupants. Breezway louvres provide additional cross ventilation to habitable areas while a porthole window was used to enhance the nautical look of the design.

Source: Building Products News.