Since the launch of the Altair Powerlouvre Window, Breezway  has been setting the pace with innovative louvre window technology. 

The Powerlouvre Window is now built to reach heights up to 2.7 metres and widths up to 4 metres, offering design flexibility so the louvre windows can be used in even more applications in contemporary building designs.

The launch of the new Remote Control System by Breezway enables Powerlouvre Windows in Easyscreen Surround Frames to be opened or closed by a simple click of a button or stopped in any intermediate position, depending on the amount of air flow required by the user.

There are two different types of remote controls that can operate the Altair Powerlouvre Window: 

  • The Standard Remote Control can operate a single window or multiple windows simultaneously
  • The AdvancedRemote Control can control up to six groups of Powerlouvre Windows, where eachgrouping can consist of a single window or multiple windows. All windows withina group are operated simultaneously, however each group of windows can becontrolled independently of the other groups of windows depending on personalneeds.

In September2008 the Powerlouvre Window was recognised for excellence in design by theAustralian Window Association for its superior aesthetics as there is no obviousvisual indication of any motors or automated device. The Powerlouvre Window canalso be integrated with sophisticated building automation systems to suit arange of budgets and control needs.

PowerlouvreWindows can be integrated into sustainable designs, offering a more comfortableenvironment by allowing hot, stale air to escape through the higher windows andcooling breezes to flow through lower windows. This significantly reduces orremoves the need for artificial climate control such as air conditioners tocool the home, thereby lowering energy costs.

ThePowerlouvre Window is the solution to automation needs as it is delivered tosite fully assembled and removes the complexity of sourcing special trades toinstall motors or program the system.

Further informationabout the Powerlouvre Window can be obtained from Breezway.