Available from Breezway , window louvres provide an effective solution to energy efficient ventilation and the overall temperature of rooms. When designed and installed well, window louvres take full advantage of natural breezes as well as provide natural light in dark rooms.

Installing window louvres also helps to reduce a building’s reliance on air conditioning and electric lighting, both of which can be power hungry.

As well as installing louvres at opposite sides of a room for maximum cross flow ventilation, windows can also be placed high up in a room to allow hot air to escape.

Louvre windows from Breezway not only let the breeze in, they shut tight during the colder months to ensure that cold draughts are kept out and the warm air kept in.

Altair louvres will actually seal 10 times better than the Australian Building Code stipulates for louvre windows.

Window louvres are also an ideal way to achieve green star ratings to comply with energy efficiency requirements.