Beetroot may taste nice, but it smells pretty ordinary when it is cooking. Similarly in cabbage, cauliflower and fish.

It goes without saying that a set or two of Breezway Louvre Windows are a wise inclusion in every kitchen. They will get rid of the smells and help dissipate the heat of your next hot pot.

By the way, the handles on Breezway louvres can be positioned to the left, to the right, up high, or down low. This makes louvres easy to open in hard to reach places.

As you know, hot air rises. So if you have a lofted ceiling in your kitchen, you might consider setting some louvres up high to help keep the air sweet.

Breezway Louvre Windows set on opposite walls in a kitchen - or any other room for that matter - create a breezeway and maximise cross ventilation. This is especially the case if any one of the walls faces the prevailing wind in your area.