The Breezway Altair Design Manual is a compilation of information on louvre window design, manufacture and compliance, complete with product information and technical data.

The Design Manual has been created to share all the useful information about Altair louvre windows with specifiers, fabricators, builders and homeowners, helping this diverse customer base achieve their design goals and make well-informed decisions regarding customising options and compliance with Building Codes and Standards.

However, navigating through the Design Manual can be difficult, considering the comprehensive amount of information.

Breezway has put together a few handy tips to help their customers quickly find the information they need about Altair louvre windows for their project.

1. Let us help you.

Customers can consult with Breezway for guidance or advice on the phone by calling 1800777758; via email at [email protected]; or through online chat for real-time assistance.

2. Have a look in the relevant section of our website


This section features content regarding the application of Altair louvre windows in a building design. Project Profiles is a particularly popular section with over 50 examples of inspiring buildings featuring Altair louvres.


This section describes the features and benefits of Altair louvre windows, complete with customising options and guidance on compliance with Fall Prevention, Bushfire and Swimming Pool barrier requirements.


This section features technical data including the Altair Design Manual, technical drawings, installation instructions, etc.; technical papers; warranty information; and testimonials of the real-world performance of Altair louvres through Cyclone Yasi.

3. Use the hyperlinks in the Design Manual Table of Contents

Breezway Altair Design Manual can be freely downloaded from the Breezway website and contains all the information needed to specify Altair louvre windows. To simplify search for the customer, the 100-page design manual incorporates hyperlinks in the Table of Contents, which will take the reader directly to the relevant pages of the document.