Altair louvre windows from Breezway combine style with function and can be fitted in unusual wall spaces. 

These louvre windows can also deliver ventilation and privacy simultaneously, making them highly practical for use in bathrooms of homes and apartments of all sizes, styles and budgets.

A typical bathroom often falls short of wall space for windows after accommodating shower cubicles, mirrors, cabinets and doorways. Small windows don’t work very well while tall and narrow sliding windows with a fixed pane of glass offer very limited ventilation even when fully open. Awning windows primarily open at the bottom of the window and do a poor job of letting steam escape. Casement and double hung windows are seldom used in bathrooms due to space limitations. Besides, one has to choose between ventilation and privacy while operating these windows.

Altair louvre windows are ideal for use in bathrooms because they remain perfectly functional even when tall and thin or wide and short. Offering the flexibility to be used in whatever space is available, and having no fixed panes of glass and openings on either side of the blades, the louvre window systems maximise ventilation, allowing bathrooms to remain cool in summer and steam to be quickly vented after hot winter showers.

Altair louvre windows feature timber or aluminium blades for ultimate privacy; additionally, they can also be opened very slightly to retain privacy while still delivering significant ventilation to keep the bathroom steam-free and comfortably cool.