North Queensland recently experienced one of the largest cyclones in Australian history. Cyclone Yasi crossed the coast as a category five cyclone with ferocious wind speeds of up to 290km/hour that left parts of Queensland in complete devastation.

The speed and force of the wind from Cyclone Yasi proved to be quite challenging for even the cyclone-rated door and window products. However, Breezway Altair louvre windows systems lived up to their reputation and performed exceptionally well during this very destructive cyclone.

A local Breezway representative has since been out on the road to seek information about the performance of Altair louvres to help with future design and development of Altair louvre windows.

The general consensus on the performance of Altair louvres was positive. The Cyclone Yasi Case Study page on the Breezway website details testimonials collected from those by the cyclone.