Breezway offers a range of customisation options for their louvre windows to suit the varying needs of customers. For instance, the company offers a choice of handle positions for their louvre windows to suit the application as well as the user’s convenience.

Standard handle positions

Breezway supplies their louvre windows with handles positioned to the left of the glass (when viewed from inside) as standard, allowing easy operation using the right hand. The handles are also installed on the louvre windows at easy reach with the position calculated on the basis of the height of the window.

Customising handle positions

Breezway offers three handle customising choices for customers when placing their order for Altair louvre windows. These include: Handles positioned to either the left or the right of the glass; handle positions adjustable vertically; and option for additional handles.

Factors to consider for customised handle positions:

Left-handedness: Position handles to the right for ease of use.

Group handles together: Quicker and easier to operate when placed in close proximity to each other.

Avoid obstructions: Adjust the vertical position of a handle so it is reachable.

Windows to corners: Avoid positioning handles side-by-side in corners.

Windows adjacent to doors: Position the handle away from the hinged side of the door.

Windows over counters: Position the handle as low as possible for easy accessibility.

Powerlouvre windows

Breezway also offers Powerlouvre windows without handles for operating convenience. Altair Powerlouvre windows can be optionally paired with the Powerlouvre Apptivate Control Unit, allowing users to control the windows remotely from their smartphone or set them to operate automatically in response to timers or the in-built temperature sensor.