What every bedroom needs is a breath of fresh air. And the ideal way to get lots of fresh air inside is with Breezway Louvre Windows.

Fully open, the louvre blades are close to horizontal. This means they provide little resistance to the air entering through the window opening.

In effect, you get twice as much ventilation as you would, with a same sized sliding window or double hung window.

Concerned about wind and rain? The patented living hinge design of Breezway Louvre Windows ensures that, when fully closed, they seal more completely than any other louvre window on the market.

In fact, louvres from Breezway seal 60% tighter than the standard required for residential windows. Importantly, Breezway Louvre Windows are available with a key lock mechanism or a security bar system so you and your family can sleep tight at night.

For those with limited space for a window (eg. in a small bedroom) Breezway Louvre Windows provide good ventilation through a much smaller window opening.