Houses heat up. Sun on the roof and before long you have got a hot box. A hot box is often much hotter inside than the air outside. To counter this you can install electric air conditioning. Okay if you like stale air.

Alternatively, you can keep your home comfortably cool, almost every day of the year, simply by opening it up.

Breezway  Louvre Windows let you do this with ideal design and simplicity. The Breezway Louvre Windows allow you to fully embrace the cool change. To invite in the refreshing breezes during or after a rain shower.

Essentially, Breezway Louvre Windows help you to create a living space that works with nature rather than against it.

A light and airy place, where through louvres wide open, you can hear the lovely morning birds and smell the frangipani. This is what Breezway mean by free air conditioning. And you can have it in every room of your home.

Use timber or aluminium blades in summer to block out the hot sun, and then change them to glass blades in winter to let the sun’s warmth into your home.