Breezway  Altair louvre windows are recommended for use in classrooms to improve natural ventilation.

Natural ventilation, according to multiple studies improves educational outcomes and also helps reduce student absences. In fact, many of the recently built classrooms and multi-purpose halls are designed to make use of natural ventilation for cooling.

In addition to improved learning outcomes, schools can also benefit financially by saving energy through reduced air-conditioning requirement. Given the rising electricity costs, turning air conditioning systems off periodically can result in massive savings on electricity consumption with one study of 39 Sydney offices in 2002 identifying annual energy savings on heating and cooling of 79% and a 2001 study of 18 UK buildings identifying an average of 52% measured annual savings in heating and cooling energy.

Breezway recommends window type ventilation systems for schools wishing to improve their students’ learning outcomes while also reducing their energy costs. While there is no nationally recognised system for comparing the differences in ventilation available through various window types, Bill Cloumassis, Breezway National Sales Manager recommends the modern Breezway Altair louvre windows that offer greater ventilation than any other window type as they have no fixed panes of glass and the louvre blades open fully to maximise the ventilation through the entire window area.