Breezway  Altair Powerlouvre windows are a range of louvre windows designed to open fully to allow maximum ventilation through the windows.

Office building design over the last few decades has been partial to tightly sealed structures to allow air-conditioning systems to run efficiently. But the rising electricity cost is influencing building design to combine mechanical cooling systems with natural ventilation concepts to reduce energy consumption while keeping building occupants comfortable. This is especially practical in Australia where a large part of the population lives in climates that do not require mechanical conditioning for much of the year. 

Mixed mode cooling systems deliver significant energy cost savings while natural ventilation systems can reduce absenteeism and poor health symptoms as well as improve productivity in office environments. 

Bill Cloumassis, Breezway National Sales Manager explains that modern Breezway Altair louvre windows offer more ventilation as they open fully to maximise the ventilation through the entire window area. The Powerlouvre window’s low voltage motors are concealed within the window frames to avoid ugly, industrial looking external motors.

Additionally, Breezway Altair louvre windows can easily be integrated into Building Management Systems. By automating the operation of the windows and air conditioning systems in offices with multiple occupants, changes in outdoor conditions can be anticipated and responded to immediately to maintain indoor comfort. Turning air conditioning systems off periodically can result in massive savings on electricity.