For centuries, building designers have used double height voids and windows positioned close to the ceiling to keep the interior cool and comfortable. The hot air that rises naturally is used to draw in fresh cooler air into the building to increase the comfort factor.

Breezway Altair louvre windows are well suited to this application as they remain fully functional even when using short and wide window shapes; maximise ventilation; and, can be operated when out of reach.

Breezway manufactures some of their Altair louvre windows with ring handles specifically designed for clerestory windows, which are out of reach but can still be opened or closed using a map rod. However, the manual opening and closing of these windows can be tedious and upgrading them to automated Powerlouvre windows is a practical solution.

1. The louvre windows will be used more frequently.

Opening Altair louvre windows using a map rod can be tiresome and the windows will likely remain shut after the novelty wears off. However, upgrading them to the automated Altair Powerlouvre windows will result in the windows being used more frequently because opening or closing them only involves an effortless push of a button without using a map rod.

2. Integration with intelligent control systems

Powerlouvre windows can be integrated with intelligent control systems to open and close in anticipation of the user’s needs, and not in response to them. An intelligent control system is equipped to sense temperature changes in a user-programmed range and will automatically open or close the windows based on the current temperature or pre-set timers to ensure continued comfort without the user needing to take any action.

3. Powerlouvre windows can be easily operated by everyone

Fine motor skills are an important requirement when operating Altair louvre windows using a map rod, given the need to line up the head of the rod with the hole of the ring handle at a height beyond one’s reach. This can be a challenge for the young, aged or infirm. By contrast, touching or pushing a button to operate Altair Powerlouvre windows is easy for everyone.

4. Louvre windows without handles simply look better

The automated Altair Powerlouvre windows are aesthetically better than Altair louvre windows. Ring handles on Altair louvre windows need to protrude a bit further out from the window to provide some leverage for the map rod to apply pressure. Altair Powerlouvre windows have no handles and look sleeker, especially when the clips are colour-matched to the window frame.

5. There is no need to store a map rod

Map rods are available from Breezway in set lengths of 2, 3 or 4 metres, or in a telescopic version extending from 1.9 to 3.5 metres. While not bulky, their length can make them a challenge to store unobtrusively. Altair Powerlouvre windows are automated and do not need map rods.

These five benefits prove upgrading to Altair Powerlouvre windows is definitely a good investment.

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