Altair louvre windows from Breezway were selected for a renovated 1950s post-war house, originally designed by the Bell Brothers. 

Architect Shaun Lockyer and his team dramatically transformed the house to meet the accommodation needs of the owners, designing an area that cohesively connected the living, dining and entertainment areas of the home with the existing outdoor courtyard to also improve light, volume and air into the space. 

The objective to maximise light from the north and engagement with the external environment (while maintaining privacy from neighbouring properties) has been achieved through a double height timber clad extruded space with high and low north windows. Altair louvre windows offer controlled views and free access to light and sun as well as fresh ventilation when needed. 

Shaun Lockyer explains the restrained palette reinforces the idea about the space being a blank canvas for light, air and life to furnish. 

The design of the house will allow friends and family to enjoy the space and is a true reward for both the clients and the team at Shaun Lockyer Architects.