Altair louvre windows from Breezway were installed at a newly built house to provide natural ventilation in summer and allow warm sunlight in during winter.

This award-winning house has been rebuilt from the burnt-out shell of a newly completed home that was destroyed after the tragic Black Saturday bushfires ripped through Southern Victoria in 2009.

Designed by Hamilton Design in collaboration with Chris Clarke (owner and commercial builder of Swale Developments), the new home is an inspiring interpretation of contemporary sustainable design as it uses a number of surviving elements from the original house The house was awarded the highest honour for the BDAV 2011 awards along with eight other categories.

Located in a Climate Zone 6 region (experiencing hot summers and cool to cold winters), the home complements its natural surroundings by incorporating Altair louvre windows with clear glass blades to provide a connection to nature.

Altair louvres perform a dual role, providing natural ventilation to keep the home feeling fresh and comfortable in summer and reducing the need for air conditioning, while sealing tight and allowing the warm sunlight to enter the home during winter. A unique glass walled swimming pool captures underwater views from the living areas and encourages cooling breezes to enter the house through the clear glassed Altair louvre windows above the fixed glass panels.