Behind the Sustainable Built Environment of BRANZ is a team of consultants and scientists who provide services in different sectors such as Behavioural Change, Communication and management, energy, life cycle Assessment, sustainable building design, urban space and water management.

Life cycle assessment is known to be a suitable methodology adopted for the assessment of various buildings and the components. Services provided for the life cycle assessment area by BRANZ includes policy informing, environmental profiles, earthstar auditors, assessment training, environmental product declaration and so on.

BRANZ is also known to enhance security, safety and health of the urban areas. Another service provided by BRANZ is improvement in water and transport. BRANZ provides interaction of people, space, technology and buildings.

The various water management services offered by BRANZ include assessment of water efficiency technology and WEEP monitoring.

In sustainable building domain BRANZ provides services such as research of climatic change, policy informing consultancy, training, publication, assessment of climate change readiness and design consultancy. BRANZ also provides training in polar solar design, reducing carbon footprint, CC building adaptation and sustainable design.

Behavioural change is necessary for the implementation of sustainable technologies. BRANZ provides services such as forecasting, communications, strategic advice, strategy development and implementation of strategies.