Enviroseal vapour permeable membranes are typically used as a protective second skin behind lightweight wall claddings and underneath roof claddings. Enviroseal vapour permeable membranes combine high-tech vapour permeable films with protective non-woven spun bond fabrics. The vapour permeable film contains millions of microscopic holes that are large enough to allow water vapour molecules to pass through them, but too small for liquid water to penetrate. The result is a product that allows the transport of many times more water vapour than a traditional ‘breather’ product, prevents the entry of liquid water and also has the ability to prevent the transport of air which limits the passage of uncontrolled water vapour and dust.

Benefits during construction

  • Protects the frame and roof structure from the elements prior to the application of external cladding.
  • Improves on-site work flow efficiency by allowing internal trades to commence work before the external cladding is applied.

Benefits after construction

  • Reduces the risk of moisture and mould related issues compromising the structural integrity and health of the occupants.
  • Improves air tightness which in turn improves energy efficiency, but still allows vapour to escape without condensing on the inside of the building frame.
  • Protects the interior of the building from moisture and dust entry from the outside environment.

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