Bradford Insulation (CSR) presents the new generation version of the highly popular SoundScreen range of acoustic insulation products.

Based on the latest technology, Bradford Insulation’s New Generation SoundScreen acoustic insulation products deliver superior acoustic performance, improved packaging and increased R-values.

SoundScreen is an established brand of acoustic insulation products in Australia with proven ability to reduce noise transfer from room to room, floor to floor and between external and internal walls. With the introduction of New Generation SoundScreen, Bradford Insulation has taken the brand to a new level of performance, utilising world-class fiberizing technology to deliver significantly improved acoustic performance while also allowing easier handling, storage and use.

A survey carried out by Bradford Insulation among buyers of SoundScreen within the past six months underscored the brand’s popularity within the building industry with respondents convinced of the product’s performance as an acoustic insulator. Given the increasing use of home theatres and need for private spaces within the home, builders trust the product to perform efficiently.

The packaging of the New Generation SoundScreen acoustic insulation has been improved in response to customer feedback while retaining the integrity of the product and increasing the acoustic results.

Extensive testing by independent consultants, Acoustic Logic clearly demonstrated the superior performance of New Generation SoundScreen over the products they replace. Sound Transmission Loss testing was undertaken for three common wall systems with New Generation SoundScreen exceeding the performance of traditional SoundScreen by around 1 Rw.

In addition, New Generation SoundScreen’s R2.0 product has achieved improved performance with a 70mm product rather than 75mm as supplied previously, allowing the product to be used with confidence with 70mm timber studs.

Key improvements in New Generation SoundScreen acoustic insulation products:

  • More batts per pack, improving efficiency in transport and handling
  • Better packaging featuring fully sealed packs with vibrant new design
  • Multi-packs available for the first time, simplifying transportation and storage
  • Improved R-values: 60mm product will go from R1.6 to R1.7 and 110mm product from R3.0 to R3.1