Bradford Insulation (CSR) EnviroSeal Roof Sarking has been designed to reduce radiant heat transfer into the home during the summer season. It provides an excellent reflective vapour barrier when used under metal roofs and concrete and terracotta tiled roofs.

As a result EnviroSeal Roof Sarking combines the benefits of condensation control and reflective thermal insulation.

Roof Sarking is mandatory in bush fire prone areas and EnviroSeal Roof Sarking provides excellent protection against burning embers and radiant heat generated from bushfires.

The roof sarking foil has a high tensile strength and is simple and safe to install due to the green anti-glare on one surface. With a flammability index of less than 5, EnviroSeal is fire retardant for improved safety, particularly when installed in bushfire prone areas.

The benefits of Bradford EnviroSeal:
  • Helps to eliminate damp in walls and ceilings by controlling condensation  
  • Protects the ceiling space
  • Provides continual protection against the elements including the prevention of hail penetration and burning embers and radiant produced by bushfires
  • Firm, robust and simple to install
  • Fire retardant
According to AS 3959-1999, sarking materials should have a flammability index of not more than 5 (AS 1530 Part 2).