Bradford Insulation (CSR) uses large quantities of recycled glass to manufacture glasswool insulation. Speaking on Sky News’ Smart Money program about their use of waste materials as a key resource in production, Bradford Insulation EGM Anthony Tannous told presenter Jon Dee that they used 25,000 - 30,000 tonnes of recycled non-heat resistant glass every year, significantly reducing the amount of waste going to landfill in Australia.

A key resource for Bradford Insulation in the production of glasswool insulation, this recycled glass comes from glass bottles, windscreens and window glass sourced from home and industrial sites across the country. The company benefits immensely from the significant financial and energy savings in their production process. Since melting waste glass requires a lower temperature than the alternate method of manufacturing glass from sand and basic virgin raw materials, Bradford is able to achieve considerable energy savings to further boost sustainability practices at their factories.

The company works in close collaboration with local recycler Campbelltown Recyclers, who source, crush and remove contaminants to supply recycled glass to the Bradford Insulation factory in Ingleburn.

According to Tannous, each one of Bradford’s insulation batts is made up of ‘approximately 85% recycled material’. By removing all contaminants from the glass, it ensures that the waste glass is transformed into a high-quality insulation product.

Image: Bradford’s insulation batts are made up of approximately 85% recycled material