The new Wall Wrap XP from Bradford Insulation (CSR) is designed to improve the performance of wall insulation by utilising the building cavity airspace on the outside of the building frame.


According to research, the performance of wall insulation improves when air flow around the insulation is reduced; however, not all wall wrap products help boost insulation further by contributing up to an additional RT0.5 to the wall system.

The new Wall Wrap XP from Bradford Insulation provides an outward facing reflective air-gap R-Value to boost the contribution of an R2.0 wall batt with installed value of RT2.5 to RT3.0 in a standard brick veneer wall assembly during summer.

When the building stud cavity is filled with wall batt insulation, conventional inward facing wall wraps are unable to contribute additional air-gap R-Value to the wall system.

Bradford’s Insulation Thermoseal Wall Wrap XP overcomes this problem by using an outward facing patterned antiglare surface to allow a more energy efficient wall system to be created by boosting the performance of the wall batt insulation.

With the latest product release, Bradford Insulation has also made available a range of Technical Guidance literature on how to model the Thermoseal Wall Wrap XP in all three energy rating software packages. Published as part of the CSR Building Science Series, these handy manuals provide clear modelling instructions for AccuRate, BERsPRO and FirstRate5.