Bradford Insulation (CSR) announces a new range of roof tile sarking products for residential tiled roofs.

The Thermoseal range from Bradford Insulation represents the latest in non-vapour permeable reflective foil laminate products, and includes residential roof sarking products specifically designed for protection under cement and terracotta tiled roofs.

The range also includes the new Thermoseal Roof Tile Pro product designed to offer premium protection under residential tiled roofs. Roof Tile Pro complements the existing sarking range by offering a heavyweight material construction, which allows installation during windy conditions while maintaining surface flatness. 

Thermoseal roof tile sarking products provide several key benefits to the home including protecting the home from wind driven rain and dust ingress, creating a secondary protective skin in the event of storm damage or dislodgement of tiles; reducing air leakage from inside the roof structure, allowing insulation to work more effectively, ultimately improving the energy efficiency of the home; contributing a reflective R-Value to improve the overall thermal insulation value of the roof structure when positioned adjacent to an air cavity; and compliance with BAL bush fire ember attack requirements in accordance with AS3959 by providing a secondary form of ember protection for the roof space. 

All products comply with a flammability index of less than or equal to 5 when tested in accordance with AS1530.2.

Thermoseal products also offer several benefits during construction including protecting the building structure from the elements prior to the application of the roof tiles, which limits water damage to internal structural components; and improving on-site work flow efficiency by allowing some internal trades to commence work before the roof tiles are applied.

The Thermoseal brand by Bradford Insulation will progressively replace products currently branded as Bradford Enviroseal or Bradford Thermoseal over the coming months. Bradford Insulation designs and manufactures all Thermoseal products in Australia for Australian conditions.