Bradford Insulation’s SoundScreen is the second product in the Bradford range to be accepted into the National Asthma Council Australia’s (NAC) 'Sensitive Choice' program. This year’s acceptance of SoundScreen follows the 2006 acceptance of Bradford’s Gold Insulation product in to the program.

Bradford Gold and Bradford SoundScreen are the insulation products of choice for allergy sufferers due to their low allergen content and ability to moderate temperature changes.

Approved products in the 'Sensitive Choice' program were evaluated against stringent standards of the NAC’s Product Advisory Panel.

The chosen products will feature the 'Sensitive Choice' butterfly logo, framed with the words National Asthma Council Australia, on its packaging and literature to assist builders and specifiers to identify suitable choices for asthma and allergy management in homes.

Tom Newton, Marketing Manager, CSR Bradford Insulation says, “We are proud that we are the only insulation brand to have been accepted in to the ‘Sensitive Choice’ program. Our energy efficient products minimise thermal and acoustic transfer, creating comfortable and healthy home environments while at the same time saving on energy costs.”

Bradford’s Gold and SoundScreen products make homes more comfortable and energy efficient. With insulation installed, homes can be kept up to 10 degrees warmer in winter and 7 degrees cooler in summer, while the reduced heating and cooling costs are reduced.

Home insulation also means less energy is used – so less greenhouse gases are emitted, thereby minimising the impact on climate change.