Bradford Insulation (CSR) presents a high performance cavity wall insulation blanket designed to help achieve 6 star energy ratings in homes with cavity brick walls or where space is at a premium.

Bradford EzyCAV cavity wall blanket is a pliable, composite insulation membrane specifically designed to assist builders and designers achieve 6 star energy efficiency compliance. The simple installation process enables the EzyCAV to be easily positioned on one side of the brick cavity with no spacers.

Apart from offering high material R-Value of RM0.45 from only 15mm of material, the EzyCAV cavity wall insulation blanket meets BCA Deemed to Satisfy compliance in accordance with BCA clause referencing the Masonry in Small Buildings AS4773.2 requirement to allow a 35mm unobstructed cavity, when installed in a typical 50mm (or greater) cavity construction.

EzyCAV cavity wall blanket is positioned over the brick ties, hard up against the first leaf of bricks, without the need for spacers, allowing the resulting single air cavity created between the inner and outer brick leafs to be consistent in size. This enables EzyCAV to make a reliable and repeatable R-Value contribution to the wall system.

The high performance insulation blanket relies upon a single air space on the internal side of a double brick cavity to generate an additional air-gap R-Value from an inward facing antiglare surface. While EzyCAV does not require spacers, it is recommended that all joins and penetrations be taped to achieve the performance specified.

EzyCAV cavity wall blanket is compliant with the requirements of AS/NZS4859.1 – stated thermal performance is the application’s Total R–Value.