In December 2007, Sydney residents endured a series of violent storms that repeatedly wrecked havoc onto the unsuspecting residents and businesses of Sydney’s west through hail stones and broken tree limbs.

One casualty of the storms was the ING building at Blacktown, housing the IGA distribution centre, resulting in extensive roof damage requiring a complete roof refurbishment.

Work commenced in February 2008 by Ideal Roofing to install 40,000m² of Anticon 60mm light weight blanket, available from Bradford Insulation, also known as Bradford Insulation (CSR) and 164 Hurricane Vents 900mm powder coated Surfmist from Edmonds.

David Caulfield, Account Manager Commercial Roofing from Bradford Insulation recommended the Anticon Blanket predominantly for its thermal principles.

David Caulfield said: “This has been a massive job which involved removing the large existing roof containing asbestos and replacing it whilst battling additional storms.”

Bradford Insulation’s (CSR) Anticon is a combination of glasswool blanket adhered to a reflective foil facing. The foil acts as a barrier to reflect up to 95% of radiant heat entering the roof cavity while preventing condensation. The blanket absorbs outside noise and slows the transfer of heat into and out of the building.

Edmond Hurricane Vents were chosen, because they could prove under AS4740 to be up to 9% more efficient resulting in the original number of vents specified be reduced.

Michael Brennan, Ventilation Specialist from Edmonds said: “The roofing company came to us with a ventilation proposal and we could see based on our Hurricane Vents proven performance under AS4740 that we were able to decrease the number of vents required due to their higher efficiency, this offered a saving to the customer not only on the vents but also installation.”

The project was completed late May.