Flexitel glasswool blankets from CSR Bradford were specified for the Narellan Town Centre to provide energy efficiency along with thermal and acoustic benefits.

Designed by architecture firm The Buchan Group for Dart West Developments and built by Mainbrace Constructions, the Narellan Town Centre project in Narellan, NSW involved the redesign and expansion of the building. The project is due for completion in mid-2017.

Energy efficiency is an important factor in any building project as it can impact ongoing expenditure on energy consumption. If a building is not energy efficient, it is effectively wasting energy. Energy efficiency being a key consideration in the $200 million redevelopment of Narellan Town Centre, the HVAC system was specially designed and constructed with additional duct insulation to reduce heat gain or loss through the duct walls, helping ensure conditioned air reached the outlet at the required temperature while also reducing costs.

Bradford Flexitel glasswool blankets were installed as external HVAC ductwork on an area covering 9,000 square metres at the new development as well as the existing site as part of the complete refurbishment of the centre.

Suitable for use as both external and internal ductwork, Bradford Flexitel blankets are manufactured from glasswool containing up to 65% recycled content, and available in a range of thicknesses to meet the performance requirements of each project.