The use of Paroc partition walls from CSR Building Products at the Dalco Food factory helped save an entire building from being destroyed when a fire broke out.

The factory was divided in two by a fireproof partition consisting of Paroc panels, set within an external wall of polystyrene panels. The fire broke out in pallets of flammable material close to the external wall. In the space of two hours one end of the building and its external walls were completely destroyed. However, the Paroc fire wall saved the other half of the building. Dalco are limiting risk in the future by rebuilding using the Paroc panel system and by dividing the factory into three parts.

Paroc fireproof panels are advanced sandwich panels based on a non-combustible core material of Paroc structural stone wool. The long panel span lengths present a major advantage to building owners by lowering building and insurance costs. The Paroc panel system is certified by Factory Mutual Research.

Source: Building Products News.