Right across Australia there are thousands of drains that pose a potential hazard to cyclists due to the linear nature of the grate covering them. BR Durham & Sons have a solution to this with their Galvanised Bike Safe Grate, a drain grate that has a closely spaced grid to prevent the accidental penetration of a bicycle wheel.

With more local councils setting up regional bike routes to cater for the increasing demand of people using bike riding as a form of exercise, it has become almost a responsibility to ensure that local roads and cycle areas are fitted with bike safe drain grates and frames.

Aside from the the safety provided by the closely spaced grid, the Galvanised Bike Safe Grate is mechanically fastened to prevent unauthorised persons from entering the drain to collect items that may have fallen in, such as tennis and cricket balls. Installing a Pollution Source Control Bar from BR Durham & Sons would stop such items falling in altogether, eliminating the need for unauthorised entry.

The mechanical fastening of the drain grate also prevents the grate from being placed the wrong way up and causing the potential for motorcycle accidents.