BQT's Sentinal Facial Recognition uses new digital image processing technology, designed for the automatic detection and recognition of an individual's face. The system compares an individual's face against a database of stored facial images to identify a person of interest.

The technology can be used for a multitude of applications including law enforcement, access control, personal identification, visitor management and customer service.

Facial recognition technologies works by being able to recognise what a face looks like. This is achieved by measuring unique physical characteristics of a face, the peaks, valleys and contours that make up a face. A mathematical algorithm is derived using points of reference that are made by measuring features such as the distance between the eyes, the width of the nose, cheekbones, eyes socket and jaw lines. This data is then used by the system to accurately match the identity of an individual.

The system works efficiently in comparison to human operators using this process as it can distinguish the difference between similar looking people such as twins or people that have masked their appearance with a disguise.

When applied in a public environment, the system scans through people within a controlled surveillance area (Face in the Crowd) and will automatically detect the location of a persons face. The software is able to collect multiple or single images from moving or still sources, such as live surveillance footage, recorded video or scanned pictures.

The Facial Recognition can be utilised for real time monitoring and can also be used to analyse historical video footage, so persons of interest can be detected. A watch list of persons of interest can also be complied for security staff allowing them to be notified of the whereabouts of these individuals.

Once an image of a face has been taken from the image source, the software runs multiple comparisons against existing facial data. A match can be found within seconds of starting the database search no matter how many thousands of images are already stored in the database.

Specific applications

  • Access control - Building, PC Login, POS Terminal Log-in
  • Check-in systems - Airlines, hotels
  • Lost children detection - Shopping centres (Face in the crowd)
  • VIP identification and patron restriction - Hotels, pubs, clubs, casinos
  • Visitor management
  • Membership systems