Boss Polymer Technologies  collaborate with its customers in designing, engineering and producing quality polymer products. Boss Polymer Technologies collaborate provides a wide range of verified proprietary products in the commonly used polymers.

Boss SpineSeal is a patented product by Boss Polymer Technologies. The Boss SpineSeal is a control joint system for sealing gaps in vertical, horizontal and overhead structures. Boss SpineSeal from Boss Polymer Technologies is an extruded silicone rubber with a fin shaped seal that can be folded over a rigid backbone and driven into the gap between panels. Boss SpineSeal is forced into the gaps by the rigid polymer and thus the silicone seal provide several layers of protection and retention.

The Boss SpineSeal from Boss Polymer Technologies can be installed easily, it gives high performance, moisture barriers and less environmental and OH and S impacts. The Boss SpineSeal can be colour coded to match the design of the structure. It can be installed in any weather condition, it does not require and chemicals or adhesives.

Boss Polymer Technologies has another patented product called the ExWeld, this ExWeld technology bonds extruded elastomer profiles to generic double sided pressure sensitive self adhesive (PSA) tapes in an on line process to reduce material, labour and production costs. The Boss ExWeld process won an Engineering Excellence Award from the Society of Automotive Engineers in Australasia for its innovative economic alternative to the application of heat activated pressure sensitive tapes.