Boss Polymer Technologies  is a leading provider of extruded materials in Australian market for both general and engineering applications. Boss Polymer Technologies is an ISO 9001 Licence QEC20880 SAI Global certified company.

Boss Polymer Technologies houses with highly skilled professionals to design, develop and test the product for its quality. Boss Polymer Technologies work collaboratively with clients’ designers, engineers and quality experts to supply profiles to many leading international and local companies.

Boss Polymer Technologies uses updated technologies which include a centralised computer network linking the entire lines for constant quality control and exact production data, a powered roller feeders and a laser measuring tool at the extruder face. Boss Polymer Technologies provides extruded products for component suppliers, original equipment manufacturers and for various industrial sectors like automotive, construction, building, design, household, engineering and mineral processing components.

The in house capabilities at Boss Polymer Technologies include tool designs, product design and consultation service, product development and testing, polymer compounding and testing and Manufacture. Boss Polymer Technologies extrude products in a full spectrum of polymers which includes plastic or rubber, rigid or flexible, solid or sponge, thermoset or thermoplastic and either a single component or composite.