Bose  provides professional products designed specifically for business and retail environments. FreeSpace system from Bose is a type of professional product that includes speakers and electronics built to operate throughout the day at various business environments.

There are different types of FreeSpace products available at Bose, these include FreeSpace 3 System, it is an Acoustimass bass module designed to deliver deep and clear bass without audible distortion. Another product is FreeSpace Model 16 Loudspeaker, it gives a high performance, and can be mounted over ceilings, and it is designed for business applications like restaurants, retail and hospitals.

The other professional FreeSpace products from Bose include a FreeSpace Model 32 Loudspeaker, FreeSpace Model 32SE Loudspeaker featuring with a weather-resistant driver, eco friendly robust materials designed to perform in any weather conditions. A FreeSpace 360P In-ground Loudspeaker is ideal for outdoor dining areas, hotel atriums, themed parks, retail venues and resort pool areas.

Panaray LT is another category of professional products available at Bose. The Panaray LT product family includes wide range of products like Panaray LT MB12 Modular Bass Loudspeaker, Panaray LT MB24 Modular Bass Loudspeaker which is exclusively designed to configure two 12 inch woofers, Panaray LT 9403 Loudspeaker designed for indoor applications and various other Panaray LT products to suit different requirement for Bose customers.