Bose  introduces the SoundDock Portable digital music system for iPods. This portable iPod speaker system delivers a quality audio performance. With the advanced Bose technologies and proprietary the sounds are designed to combine and reproduce music with fullness and clarity unmatched by other battery-powered speakers.

The SoundDock Portable system and basic iPod functions with a remote control that includes playlist navigation. As it comes with a lithium-ion battery, customers can enjoy unplugged music for hours. The SoundDock Portable system from Bose works well with any ipod models like nano, mini, photo, video, and classic models. The SoundDock Portable system can also play music with iphones.

Customers just have to dock the ipod into the SoundDock Portable system to listen to effective music. With batteries the SoundDock Portable system weights about 5.23 lbs. It is available in gloss white or gloss black colours. The docking cradle holds iPod, iPod mini, iPod video and iPod nano digital music players that have dock connectors on the bottom.

Bose Australia has developed into a recognised company providing high-end sound solutions. Bose Australia employs more than 80 people in offices around Australia and distributes its products to over 160 dealers across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.