Leading LED lighting specialist BoscoLighting Pty Ltd introduces a new range of multidirectional path lights designed to highlight and secure pedestrian walkways at night.

Delivering high performance in a stylish and compact recessed profile, BoscoLighting's new pathway lights feature a 30mm raised dome top cover, clear tempered glass and a die-cast aluminium finish. The IP67 rated LED path lights can be installed both indoors and outdoors and are perfect for lighting up walkways and outdoor areas in style.

The LED path lights can be used to define walkway borders to keep pedestrians on the designated route by casting light on potential tripping hazards.

Key features of BoscoLighting’s new LED pathway lights include choice of four models; ability to throw light horizontally in a single direction or up to four; dome top working as the glare guard to prevent light from shining into pedestrian's eyes; and interesting indirect lighting effect increasing security at night.

The path lights are available in White, Black or Silver finishes and offer Warm White, Neutral White and Cool White colour temperature options.

BoscoLighting’s new LED pathway lights are ideal for decks, paved courtyards and edge lighting paths, town squares and footpaths, and exterior walls.