Lighting product specialist BoscoLighting Pty Ltd supplied customised LED twin ceiling lights to improve the lighting of a building in Canberra.

BoscoLighting LED twin ceiling lights not only delivered a better spread of light over the existing fixtures that inefficiently concentrated most of the light in a small area, but were also able to give a bright and soft Warm White (CCT) light beam.

The LED lights additionally provide sustainable benefits including cutting down energy consumption by half. In this particular installation, BoscoLighting was advised by the project manager that they required an LED light with similar external specifications for replacement.

BoscoLighting redesigned an LED lighting component with compatible power supply to fit in a customised light fitting to meet the client’s requirements. The customised LED twin ceiling light is easy to install with anti-glare, low heat and better lighting advantages. The LED lights also come with a 3-year warranty for an enjoyable lighting experience along with peace of mind.

BoscoLighting is a 100% Australian company that has partnered with a well-established and government-funded manufacturer in China to provide premium LED products priced competitively to meet any lighting requirements.