LED lighting specialist, BoscoLighting Pty Ltd offers a wide range of LED products designed for energy efficiency, reliability and performance.  

BoscoLighting offers a custom design service for their LED lighting products.  

Wide voltage range  

Designed for energy efficiency, BoscoLighting’s low voltage LED lights have a working voltage from 9V to 36V. Their MR16 LEDs can adapt to various environments and are ideally suited for new lighting or retrofitting of existing lights.  

Constant-current circuit

This advanced LED light design allows the light to stay constant when the voltage fluctuates, improving the efficiency of the LED product.  

Heat balance

The heat balance principle ensures that the heat from the SMD LEDs inside the lighting products are dispersed well, resulting in longer life span for BoscoLighting’s LED products with lower risk of heat damage.    

Advanced technology in lens design

BoscoLighting’s spotlight, bulb, candlelight and downlight LED products feature advanced lens technology used in high quality camera lens, helping to concentrate light from LED chips and scintillate the light out of the globes to maximise the lighting effect.