LED lighting specialist BoscoLighting Pty Ltd is sponsoring one of the most amazing lighting installations at Vivid Sydney 2015. The Lightwell installation tops the list of Buzzfeed’s 24 Interactive Light Installations To See At Vivid This Year.

The artists who designed Lightwell explained that the installation explores the concept of collective expression and discovery. Participants use hand gestures to ‘splash’ and scatter rippling coloured lights over a textured brick wall, revealing hidden designs and animations.

The combination of colour, light, music, vibrant designs and amusing animations makes for a very entertaining wall that can be enjoyed by both participants and onlookers.

BoscoLighting’s support for the Lightwell installation is a great way to continue their sponsorship of Sydney's Arts and Tourism program on the back of a very successful BEAMS Festival last September. BoscoLighting has also been confirmed as a BEAMS 2015 participant.