BoscoLighting Pty Ltd had a successful show at the recent Sydney Build 2016 Expo where the leading Australian lighting company displayed lighting products across their Industrial, Commercial and Residential ranges.

According to BoscoLighting, the Expo presented an excellent platform to showcase their extensive product ranges and interact with customers about new innovations. The company exhibited over 30 lights for the benefit of Sydney’s best architects, designers and builders with the installed display showcasing products that look great and can save money on their next project.

In addition to industrial, commercial and residential lighting products, BoscoLighting also displayed exterior and mining products, with the company well placed to serve Sydney and Australia’s lighting needs.

BoscoLighting’s showcase at the Sydney Build 2016 included:

  • Downlights to suit almost any recessed lighting requirements for domestic and commercial applications
  • Carpark sensor lights with inbuilt motion detection, designed to save up to 90% energy usage when compared to legacy lighting
  • Footpath street lighting for retail, residential and commercial areas, also available with motion sensors for additional energy savings
  • Two panel lights for office and retail applications, available in white or coloured options as well as a variety of sizes allowing direct replacement of T-bar troffer lights or installation in public areas with vandal-resistant design
  • Versatile aluminium extrusion for under-bench lighting, corridor lighting, and office and reception lighting
  • Direct/indirect (up/down) extrusion for wall mounting, but can also be suspended
  • Architectural lighting for illuminating building exteriors
  • Four floodlights for broad-beamed illumination