Boscolighting Pty Ltd presents a wide range of strip lighting products for use in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries as well as all living areas in the home.

Great lighting is a hallmark of a good kitchen; one of the best ways to enhance the lighting in such spaces is through the use of under-bench and in-cupboard lighting using linear lighting products. Strip lights have the ability to improve the space by adding a touch of light in corners and around edges, removing shadows and creating a warm ambience.

BoscoLighting offers strip lighting products for under benches, backlighting, in-ceiling lighting, toe-kick and stairwell lighting as well as within cupboards and shelves. Over 100 strip lighting products are now available from BoscoLighting to add value to the home and improve the liveability factor.

Typical applications for these strip lighting products include kitchen cabinets and shelves lighting; toe-kick lighting; staircase illumination; in-ceiling lighting; accent decor lighting; backlighting; night-lights; and task lighting.

BoscoLighting’s popular products include: (BLEX-016) 45 Degree 30mm Corner Extrusion with Curved Diffuser BLEX-016; (BLEX-002S) Mini Rectangular Extrusion only 10mm wide; (BLEX-014) 11mm Recessed/Surface Mounted Extrusion; (BLEX-065-WP) Waterproof PVC Extrusion; and (BLEX-043-R) Triple-Channel Flanged Extrusion.

Image: The many applications of BoscoLighting’s strip lighting products