Leading Australian LED lighting specialist Boscolighting announces a new range of low bay lights designed for harsh industrial environments with low ceiling heights.

Recommended for use in warehouses, factories, supermarkets, loft-style offices and venues with low ceiling heights, BoscoLighting’s new UFO low bay lights combine a thin and lightweight design with advanced technologies such as better, more efficient LED chips, high-thermal conductivity aluminium and magnesium alloy heat sink as well as tempered glass to shine brighter for longer.

BoscoLighting’s UFO low bay lights feature a robust design to withstand the harsh environments of industrial workplaces, are rated at IP65 and can be operated in low to high temperatures, dry or wet locations as well as dusty and dirty environs.

Key features of BoscoLighting UFO low bay lights include flex and plug and chain simplifying installation; can also be mounted as a fixture to ceilings or walls and used as a floodlight; can be interconnected with BoscoLighting’s intelligent lighting control system and turned on and off without any cool-down limitations; and special heat management design warranting the light to operate continuously (24/7) for three years or longer with an expected life of approximately 14 years of normal business usage.

The 50W low bay light fitting weighs only 1kg and comes with the flex and plug and chain for hanging at a height of 3-5 metres. An inbuilt diffuser ensures bright light without the glare.

BoscoLighting’s UFO low bay lights also find application in workshops, garages, loading docks and other areas where good spread of light is required; industrial looking retail environments including clothing stores and eateries; and sporting locations such as gymnasiums, indoor sporting halls and community centres.