Colour changing LED lights from BoscoLighting Pty Ltd were installed on Black Mountain Tower in Canberra, one of the iconic local tourist attractions located on the summit of Black Mountain, the highest spot in Canberra.

Famous for the 360-degree breathtaking views of the nation's capital, Black Mountain Tower will now offer visitors an even better experience with LED lighting from BoscoLighting installed on the decks providing a delightful colour changing effect.

Based on the design of ordinary RGB LED lights, BoscoLighting’s colour changing LED lighting on Black Mountain Tower has been customised to suit specific requirements. 

The main body of the light is sealed by tougher silicone, making the IP67 rating tougher than the normal outdoor weatherproof level of IP65. Since better protection meant less good heat dissipation, BoscoLighting modified the heat sink component to ensure stable performance. The FPC for signal transmission was also enhanced.

The power supply is made at IP67 with fin-shaped heat sink to ensure it is able to work stably on a 24/7 basis. The entire system is controlled by only one controller, and the control signal is synchronised with amplifiers, which not only reduces the cost but also seamlessly transmits the control signal. 

The Black Mountain Tower lighting system uses the same connection method as a lighting project executed by BoscoLighting on a bridge overseas, which is also a high traffic area and tourist attraction.