BoscoLighting Pty Ltd introduces a new range of intelligent LED lighting systems designed to increase energy savings and reduce carbon emissions.

BoscoLighting’s new LED tubes feature an integrated infrared sensor that allows users to save more energy and reduce more carbon emissions in an intelligent way. 

Recommended for car park lighting applications, BoscoLighting’s new 18W LED tubes can replace conventional 36W fluorescent tubes to achieve significant savings in energy consumption. 

BoscoLighting’s new LED tubes deliver an output of 1800 lumens in Cool White (CCT) with the 120° viewing angle allowing the light beam to be delivered to the right position, unlike fluorescent tubes with 2200 lumens and 360° viewing angle, which wastes up to half of the light beam. An LED tube lasts up to 40,000 hours compared to 9,000 hours for fluorescent tubes.

The integrated infrared sensor in BoscoLighting’s LED tubes simplifies installation while also saving energy by maintaining half brightness in the absence of any activity, only switching onto full brightness when objects such as people or vehicles are detected by the sensor. 

BoscoLighting offers a 3-year warranty on their entire range of products including the new intelligent LED tubes.

BoscoLighting is a 100% Australian company that has partnered with a well-established and government-funded manufacturer in China. All LED products can also be custom designed to specific requirements.