Leading Australian LED lighting company, BoscoLighting has expanded its LED high bay range with the addition of the new MWFR series.

The new MWFR series LED high bay light features inbuilt copper heat pipes to efficiently and effectively remove heat from the LED chips, resulting in the luminaire running cooler and lasting much longer even in areas with poor airflow or extended operation applications.

Designed to outperform the competition, BoscoLighting’s LED high bays are up to 75 per cent more efficient than traditional metal-halide high bays, last much longer and do not require replacement bulbs. The MWFR series not only saves big on energy consumption but also reduces maintenance costs for warehouses, factories and industrial sites.

This new series comprises of BLHBC100W-MWFR (100W), BLHBC120W-MWFR (120W), BLHBC150W-MWFR (150W), BLHBC200W-MWFR (200W), BLHBC300W-MWFR (300W), BLHBC400W-MWFR (400W) and BLHBC500W-MWFR (500W).

Key features and benefits of MWFR series high bay LED lights include copper heat pipe technology keeping the luminaire cooler for longer; long lasting performance reducing lifetime maintenance costs; and energy efficiency saving electricity costs.