BoscoLighting Pty Ltd has introduced a new 150W LED model to its high bay lighting range, designed for excellent illumination and low maintenance.

LED high bay lights are ideal for providing strong illumination in working areas such as factories, workshops, warehouses or industrial looking retail stores, as well as outdoor and security lighting applications.

BoscoLighting’s latest premium range of 150W high bay LED lights features design enhancements in the heat sink and LED chip encapsulation.

To ensure the LED lights have a stable performance and a long lifespan, the temperature rise has to be controlled strictly. BoscoLighting has therefore incorporated three individual heat sinks to control the temperature rise of the three 50W LED COB chips, dissipating heat evenly and minimising the total weight of the product. The LED chip encapsulation has been designed robustly to minimise maintenance, considering the high bay light is usually hard to reach and is power rated at a high 150W.

Key benefits of BoscoLighting’s 150W LED high bay lights include energy savings of more than 60% with the 150W light replacing up to 400W metal halide high bay lighting; 7500 lumens in Cool White (CCT) with 120° viewing angle delivering bright illumination in any application; up to 40,000 hours of lifespan compared to 8,000 hours for metal halide high bay lights; simple installation with the chain & hook and flex & plug allowing the light to be hung from the roof and plugged in; extremely low maintenance for peace of mind; and a 3-year warranty.