BoscoLighting Pty Ltd introduces a new range of LED floodlights suitable for art gallery lighting applications.

Lighting is an important component of art gallery design. In addition to the right levels of brightness, it also needs appropriate CCT and perfect CRI of lighting to present all artworks the best way possible. LED lighting is not only suitable for art gallery lighting, it also saves energy. 

BoscoLighting’s new Art Gallery LED Flood Light series is designed to deliver appropriate brightness levels, and excellent CCT and CRI performance, with the power range from 10W to 70W allowing use of the lights for different purposes such as ceiling lighting and ground lighting.

BoscoLighting is a 100% Australian company that has partnered with a well-established and government-funded manufacturer in China. All BoscoLighting products come with a 3-year warranty. Lights can also be custom designed to specific requirements.

BoscoLighting’s Australian patented LED technology allows low voltage LED lighting products to work with halogen transformers without any issues.