Maxitek range of mobile shelving, available from Bosco Storage Solutions , is made to order in the company’s manufacturing facility in south western Sydney, providing the opportunity to create customised configurations to increase the storage capacity.

The Bosco Maxitek range of mobile shelving provides medium to high density storage for a range of applications and offers a proven level of quality and reliability.

Maxitek shelving incorporates ideal corner assembly technology to provide high level strength and support integrity. This feature significantly increases shelf load capacity and enables individual bays to carry up to 800kg UDL.

The increased stability and good appearance of the Maxitek system is the result of the pillar structure on which its construction is based. This structure combined with a wide range of standard and decorative end panels and system accessories ensure the Maxitek mobile shelving system can be used anywhere to compliment the existing design theme.

For archive materials, which require ventilation from all sides, Maxitek is an ideal solution as the mobile shelving system can be supplied with open or closed fronts as preferred.

The flexibility of the system ensures optimum adaptability to suit individual space constraints. Maxitek can also be supplied in the form of static shelving.

Accessories enable the user to maximise the functionality of the Maxitek mobile shelving range. Maxitek’s comprehensive range of accessories includes magazine shelves, partitions, roll out reference shelves, adjustable book ends, hanging loop supports, name strips, lights, folding tables and many more.

Maxitek mobile shelving is available in manual, mechanically assisted or electric drive options:

The manual drive is the maintenance-free, readily available and economical solution for smaller and lighter shelving units (max 2000kg). due to easy movement rollers, high precision runners and ergonomically designed handles, these mobile shelving units can be moved effortlessly.

With additional power for easy movement of several shelf units at one time, the mechanical drive mobile shelving system is the suitable solution for medium to heavy duty loads. Using the standard de-multiplication ratios of 1:1500 or 1:3000 to the shelf load, it is possible to move several heavily laden bays effortlessly.

For large or heavy shelf units or where frequent access is needed, the electric drive mobile shelving option provides controls at the front of the bay to open the desired aisle immediately. All bays, which must be moved out of the way, start moving simultaneously. Every mobile shelving unit has its own motor, which starts and stops smoothly. Sensors, safety mechanisms and emergency push button cutout are incorporated to avoid injury.

Maxitek mobile shelving systems are available in a range of standard and premium colours including non-slip textured finishes.