Staff morale is a significant factor in employee performance.  Companies who take responsibility for staff morale reap the rewards.  From increased company loyalty to lower staff turnover rates and higher productivity levels.     

Bosco Storage Solutions’ team of designers has created innovative, quality, cutting edge office furniture solutions with a key focus on optimising user requirements, ergonomics, form and styling, together with product performance and functionality.  

Being professionals, we know we are hired to complete tasks and contribute to the success of organisations but employees can be more effective if they like where they are.  Whilst we do not always have the opportunity to choose our office location, input into the office furniture layout can influence the way it looks, works and feels.  

Can a storage cabinet be used instead of shelving to hide messy paperwork?   Bosco’s storage cabinet range is an extensive collection of space saving, efficient storage solutions.  In varying sizes and powdercoat colours, Bosco’s storage cabinet range can be tailored to complement any office environment.  

Improve the aesthetics with the introduction of planter boxes.  Bosco planter boxes are an ideal solution to soften office environments in a clean and contemporary way.   

If office space is limited, introduce a Bosco tambour door cabinet as the tambour door recedes smoothly into the cabinet carcass leaving office walkways unobstructed.    

Whilst we spend the majority of our time at our computers, set up your office to ensure you take regular breaks from looking intently at your computer screen and get out of your chair and move around your office.   

Bosco’s Maxitek range of static and mobile storage provides medium to high density storage and the Bosco Mediatek range of shelving is designed to offer space efficient and aesthetically pleasing office storage solutions for a range of applications.  

The Bosco range of office furniture is flexible, durable and reliable and includes lateral filing cabinets, mobile pedestals and media storage.  

Do you believe having fun at work is appropriate?  Absolutely.  We spend so much time in our place of employment, should it not be a place where we enjoy ourselves?  With the introduction of Bosco office furniture and storage solutions, employees can look forward to going to work each day.