Bosco Storage Solutions  is associated with the University of Western Sydney in the installation of Bosco’s Maxitek mobile shelving system in the University’s central library storage centre located on the UWS Hawkesbury campus at Richmond, North West of Sydney.

“Our delight with the Maxitek installation is unqualified. The compactus exceeds our expectations in terms of both space economy and ease of use. The simple and single handed movement of densely packed shelving ranges is unprecedented in my many years of experience working with library shelving solutions,” says Liz Curach, University Librarian.

Needing to relocate tens of thousands of volumes of high value, low use materials to a recently renovated central library storage centre, the University called for tenders for a reliable and efficient, user-friendly mobile shelving storage system.

Consolidating this material from separate campuses was a challenge. The new Maxitek mobile storage shelving system easily and efficiently combined multiple collections into one, maximising valuable floor space and ensuring ease of access for retrieval.

With a total capacity of 123 tonne / 2,854 lineal metres of library storage, the 410 bay Maxitek mobile storage shelving system includes 37 double mobile units, 3 double static units and 2 single sided static units.

The mechanically assisted ranges with fully welded bases move effortlessly. Ease of operation, safety for operators and security of the valuable contents are guaranteed.

Designed and manufactured in Europe for the past 30 years, the Maxitek static and mobile shelving range offers a good level of quality and design ingenuity.

Bosco Storage Solutions manufactures Maxitek shelving locally to specific project requirements offering users flexibility and a wide range of options to ensure a storage solution that is perfectly fit for purpose.

Maxitek mobile storage shelving system available from Bosco Storage Solutions is a tailored storage solution offering space optimisation, efficiency and operator convenience and offers libraries, archives, banks and offices versatile, secure, dependable and hassle free access wherever large volumes of material are being archived and stored.

The Maxitek range includes both mobile and static shelving and offers users a robust and durable system with a range of dress panels to provide excellent aesthetic qualities.

When installed as a mobile system no permanent fixings to existing floor structures are required, providing you with the opportunity to relocate even the large Maxitek installations without damage or difficulty.

Mobile Maxitek is available in manual, mechanically assisted or electric drive options with a wide range of accessories to ensure functional storage for both commercial and industrial applications.